Participating Schools

In 2022, competitors from over fifty schools participated at the 12th New England International Chinese Martial Art Championships! Congratulations to everyone!

Aiping Tai Chi
Baguazhang – Lily Li
Bei Dou Kung Fu Academy
Boston University Kung Fu Club
Bridgewater Zhang Guifang Taichi
Cheung’s Martial Arts Academy
Chinese Kung Fu Wushu Academy
Chinese Martial Arts Division of Athletic Balance
Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy
Florida Wushu Kung Fu Academy
Full Circle Tai Chi and Qigong
Great Wall Kung Fu Center
HeBei Chinese Martial Arts Institute
J Three Martial Arts Association
Jackson Wushu Academy
JTDD Chinese Boxing Academy
Ju Long Wushu
Kong Han USA
Kungfu School of the Way & Greenwich Kempo
Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu
Montréal Yang Cheng Fu Tai Chi Center
Nature Taiji Boxing
New England Championship Wushu Academy
Ng Family Martial Arts Association
Northern Praying Mantis Tai Chi Center- School of the Way
Odessa Wushu Federation
Ohio Wushu Academy
Pai Lum Northeast Dragons
PMAA – Professional Martial Arts Academy
Praying Mantis & Tai Chi Center
Rick Wong’s Chinese Martial Arts Center
Rong’s Kungfu Academy
Rou Long Ma School of Chinese Martial Arts
Samuel Kwok Wing Chun Martial Art Association
Sanda Fighting Arts
Seattle Shaolin Kungfu Academy
Shaolin Hung-Gar Tai-Chi Institute
Shaolin Wushu Lohan
Sifu Meng’s Kung Fu Academy
St Louis Master Qi Kungfu School
Sullivan Sanda Kung Fu
Tai Chi Today
Taichi Kung-Fu Academy
Win-Win Kung Fu Culture Center
Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy
Wushu Kung Fu Fitness Center
Wutan New England
Zhang Yuan Kung Fu School
Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy
吉林省第一武学馆 (The First Martial Arts Museum of Jilin Province)