Officials 裁判团领军人

These are our officials from 2021. An updated list of officials will be available later this year.


Our group of officials and judges comprises national and international masters and grandmasters who have decades of experience in wushu judging competition:

Individuals who have served as Chief Referee at major tournaments, such as Grandmaster Kei Cheong-Sau, Grandmaster Qian Yuanze, Grandmaster Bai Wenxiang, Grandmaster Wen Zuohui, and Grandmaster Zhu Ruiqi; Grandmaster Wu Yinghua;

World champions, including Zhao Changjun, “Taiji Prince” Chen Sitan, “Taiji Queen” Gao Jiamin, Jiang Bangjun, Li Fai, etc.


Master Malee Khow

Chairperson of the Organizing Committee



Connecticut, USA 美国康州

Watch Master Khow performing wushu.

Master Khow is the principal of Malee’s School of Tai Chi and Kung Fu (opened 1994), President of the USA National Tai Chi Chuan Federation (USANTCCF), and Vice President of the USA Wushu-Kungfu Federation (USAWKF). She was the wushu champion of Thailand for five consecutive years (1985-89). In 1986 in Jinan and in 1987 in Hangzhou, respectively, she participated in the first international martial arts coaches and judges training courses, organized by the Chinese Wushu Association, and was certificated as an international martial arts coach and judge.

Master Khow immigrated to the U.S. in 1989. In 2001, she was certified as an A level taolu judge by the IWUF. In 2003, she was the U.S. taolu judge at the 7th World Wushu Championships; in 2004 she was the U.S. judge at the 1st World Traditional Wushu Championships; she has also served as Chief Referee and Head Judge at other national and international wushu and tai chi competitions on many occasions.

Since 1999, she has organized ten New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships as well as several national tournaments and national team trials for the USAWKF. In 2005, she organized the first USAWKF/USANTCCF national instructors and judges training course.

Since coming to the U.S., Master Khow has worked hard to promote and teach wushu and taiji at universities, community colleges, senior centers, Chinese cultural centers, sports centers, and other locations. She has made great contributions to the promotion of Chinese traditional culture in the U.S.

In 2003, she was awarded Wushu Black Belt and 8th Duan by the USAWKF. From 2007 to 2015, she also served as the Chairperson of the USAWKF Competition and Events Management Committee. Since 2007, she has served as the U.S. Team Manager for the USAWKF at IWUF-hosted world wushu championships ten times, including “Wushu Tournament Beijing 2008” at the 2008 Summer Olympic Games.

许玛丽现任美国玛丽太极功夫学校校长(自l994年至今)美国全国太极拳总会会长、美国武术联合会副会长。 1985-1989年获泰国蝉联五届武术冠军。 1986年在济南及1987年在杭州分别代表泰国参加由中国武术协会主办的首届国际武术教练员及裁判员培训班考获得国际武术教练员及国际裁判员证书。

1989年底移民美国。 2001年代表美国参加由国际武联在澳门举办的国际裁判员培训考试获得国际A级裁判员。并在2003年代表美国参加在澳门举办的第七届世界武术锦标赛及2004年在郑州举办的首届世界传统武术锦标赛担任国际裁判员的工作,以及其他国家、国际级的武术、太极赛事也曾担任总裁判长、及多次裁判长的职位。

1999年至今在康州已举办共十届的美国新英格兰国际武术锦标赛以及多次举办承办美国武术联合会USAWKF 的国家赛、国家代表队选拔赛等。 2005年首次举办USAWKF 及USANTCCF的首届国家级裁判员教练员培训班。在美国期间在州政府大学、社区大学、老人院、中文学校、体育活动中心等地方努力推广教授武术太极拳。对中华传统文化在美国的发展作出了一定的贡献。 2003年获得美国武术联合会USAWKF颁发的武术黑带八段,自2007年至2015年也担任了USAWKF的比赛及活动委员会主任。自2007年至今已分别担任十次美国国家(USAWKF)武术、太极、青少年代表队的总领队带领参加各种由国际武联主办的世界锦标赛,包括2008年奥运会的“北京2008武术比赛”。

Famous Wushu Masters and World Champions

Grandmaster Kei Cheong-Sau

Hong Kong, china 中国香港

Grandmaster Kei Cheong-Sau (Mandarin: Ji Changxiu), born in Xi’an and now residing in Hong Kong, is the Chairperson of the Hong Kong Zhao Bao He Style and Martial Art International Association. Grandmaster Kei is an accomplished master of many forms of traditional and contemporary Chinese wushu, including Zhaobao He Style Tai Chi, of which she is a 11th lineage holder, having studied under Grandmaster Zheng Wuqing.

Grandmaster Kei’s has trained outstanding students around the world over the past several decades, and they have won thousands of medals in competition, including her son Cheung Man Keung (Mandarin: Zhang Wanqiang), former member of the Hong Kong wushu team, where he won gold and silver medals at the 4th and 5th World Wushu Championships, Head Coach of the Chinese Wushu (Overseas) Training Institute, and organizer of the annual Hong Kong International Wushu Championships since 2004.

Grandmaster Qian Yuanze

Nanjing, China 中国南京

Watch Grandmaster Qian performing wushu.

Wushu 9th duan Grandmaster Qian is one of the architects of modern wushu, but he is also a master and lineage holder of several traditional styles. He was the head coach of the Jiangsu wushu team, training the “Three Zhangs and one Wang,” national champions during the 1980s. He has taught extensively abroad in Mexico, Thailand, Japan, the U.S., and other countries. In 1995 Grandmaster Qian was named a Top Ten Wushu Coach by the Chinese Wushu Association. He is currently the deputy director of the Traditional Wushu Committee of the Chinese Wushu Association and a consultant for the Jiangsu Wushu Association.

Grandmaster Bai Wenxiang

Boston, USA 美国波士顿

Watch Grandmaster Bai performing wushu.

Grandmaster Bai was the coach of the Shaanxi wushu team in China and taught such illustrious champions as Master Zhao Changjun, the most-highly decorated wushu athlete of all time. Known for his mastery of both traditional and contemporary wushu, Grandmaster Bai was a competitor in China even before the founding of the Chinese Wushu Association. He is one of the lead architects of the upcoming Fanziquan duan system.

Grandmaster Wen Zuohui

Chengdu, China 中国成都

Watch Grandmaster Wen performing wushu.

Grandmaster Wen, wushu 9th duan, is one of the preeminent individuals in the worldwide wushu community. As the former director of the wushu department at the Chengdu Sports Institute and board member of many prestigious institutions such as the Chinese Wushu Association, she has also directed national and international tournaments and training courses.

Grandmaster Wen is the chief architect of the official Duan ranking system for traditional Emei Boxing.

Grandmaster Zhu Ruiqi

Beijing, China 中国北京

Watch Grandmaster Zhu performing wushu.

9th duan wushu ranked Grandmaster Zhu is a professor and doctoral supervisor at Beijing Sport University. He was named one of the “Top Ten Wushu Judges of China” on three occasions, and served as the Chief Referee of sanda competition at numerous national and world wushu competitions. For over twenty years, he was instrumental in the development of competition and judging rules for sanda.

Grandmaster Zhu has directed many IWUF judges examination courses and national courses in China and abroad, including the USAWKF’s first national judges course in 2005.

Grandmaster Wu Yinghua

Huainan, China 中国淮南

Watch Grandmaster Wu performing wushu.

Wushu 7th duan Grandmaster Wu is heir to Huayue Heart and Will Liuhe Bafa Boxing through his father, Wu Yihui (吴英华宗师). Among his many titles and honors, he is the President of the Wu Yihui Liuhe Bafaquan International Union and Chairman of the Huainan Wushu Association. He has organized tournaments in Huainan, and has led wushu athletes and coaches to places as diverse as Beijing, Hong Kong, St. Petersburg, Malaysia, Baltimore, and Los Angeles, among other international locations. Grandmaster Wu is a consultant to many national wushu federations throughout the world. His efforts to research and promote Liuhe Bafa have led to its recognition as an intangible cultural heritage by both Anhui province and the Chinese General Administration of Sport bureau.

Master Zhao Changjun

New Jersey, USA 美国新泽西州

Watch Master Zhao performing wushu.

One of the greatest wushu athletes of all time, Master Zhao is the top national champion of all time with 54 gold medals and was the all-around champion in China for ten consecutive years (1978-87). A specialist in staff and broadsword, he also created modern wushu groundfall boxing. Master Zhao has also acted and directed in films. After moving to the United States, he settled in New Jersey, operating his own wushu school, the Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy. He also hosts an annual martial arts tournament.

“Taiji Prince” Master Chen Sitan

New York, USA 美国纽约

Watch Master Chen performing wushu.

A member of the Fujian wushu team in China in the 1990s, Master Chen was the first Chinese man to win the world championship of men’s taiji, the first Asian Games men’s taiji champion, and the first champion to become champion at the World Championships, Asian Games, and China National Games. In total he won 32 gold medals in competition, and his success earned him the title “Prince of Tai Chi.” He is now a member of the Executive Committee of the International Health Qigong Federation, among many other positions, titles, and honors. He runs his own school, Sitan Tai Chi and Martial Arts, in New York City, and is president of the America Tai Chi & Health Qigong Center.

“Taiji Queen” Master Gao Jiamin

Oregon, USA 美国俄勒冈州

Watch Master Gao performing wushu.

Master Gao, the “Tai Chi Queen,” began learning wushu at the age of 8, and later went on to win thirty two gold medals in national and international competition as a member of the Fujian provincial wushu team, earning her the title “top ten wushu superstar” in 1995. She is currently an instructor at the U.S. Wushu Center in Portland, Oregon. Master Gao has trained many national champions in competitions in the U.S., Asia, and internationally.

Master Jiang Bangjun

Virginia, USA 美国维吉尼亚州

Watch Master Jiang performing wushu.

Born in Chongqing, China, former Beijing wushu team member Master Jiang had an illustrious career as a competitor in China prior to moving to the U.S. He won national titles as well as the gold medal in changquan at the 6th World Wushu Championships (2001). He also holds a degree in training pedagogy from the Shenyang Sports Institute.

He opened his school, the Professional Martial Arts Academy, in 2006, where he trains many of America’s top wushu athletes, many of whom are members of the U.S. wushu team. Master Jiang is a member of the USAWKF Board of Directors.

Master Li Fai

Hong Kong, China 中国香港

Master Li Fai, wushu 7th duan, was a successful competitor as a member of the Hong Kong wushu team, winning four gold medals and one silver medal at the IWUF World Wushu Championships between 1991 and 2001. Among her many qualifications and honors, she is an internationally certified judge of wushu. She was awarded the Hong Kong Chief Executive’s Commendation for Community Service in 2001; she received the Hong Kong Medal of Honor in 2005; she was a torchbearer for the 2008 Olympic Summer Olympics torch relay; etc. She has hosted three tournaments since 2017.

Master Li opened her school in Hong Kong, Li Fai’s Centre of Tai Chi, in 2000.


Certified Nationally, Internationally, ETC.

(in alphabetical order by last name)




Master Justin Benedik

Maryland, USA 美国马里兰州

Justin Benedik is one of the top USA wushu athletes and has won several international titles in world competitions. He represented the United States at World Competitions and was also selected as one of 10 top world Wushu athletes to travel as sport Ambassadors to the 2014 Summer Junior Olympic Games, promoting and showcasing the sport of Wushu. He is an Internationally Certified Pan American Wushu Judge who serves as one of the USA team trial judges. In 2018, he opened his own wushu school, the Taichi Kung-Fu Academy. Currently, he also serves as an athletes’ representative for the International Wushu Federation (IWUF).

Master Chen Huimin

Shantou, China 中国汕头

Watch Master Chen performing wushu.

Wushu 7th duan and former member of the Guangdong wushu team Master Chen was the southern boxing champion at the Asia Games in 1992, which contributed to her earning the title “Queen of Southern Boxing.” Among her many honors, she has been awarded the Chaoshan Galaxia Sports Special Prize, receiving honorary citizenship in California, and was the torch bearer at the Shantou Station in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. She is currently a duan ranking instructor and assessor for the Guangdong provincial duan ranking system and head coach of the Shantou Sports Bureau wushu training center.

Master Chen Xiaoyi

Boston, USA 美国波士顿

Master Chen earned her degree in wushu education from Beijing Sport University. She has a 6th duan in wushu, and is a Chinese Wushu Association Class I wushu judge and Class I Wushu Athlete as well as USAWKF-certified national judge. She has extensive experience in judging competitions. Master Chen currently teaches wushu at Harvard University and Wellesley College, as well as at her school, New England Championship Wushu Academy.

Master Cheung Kampang

New Jersey, USA 美国新泽西州

Watch Master Cheung performing wushu.

Born in Hong Kong, Master Cheung began his training in Chinese martial arts, learning southern kung fu, and later achieving a black belt in tae kwon do. He also studied northern kung fu and weapons, as well as Zhaobao He Style Tai Chi, from renowned Grandmaster Kei Cheong Sau. After a successful career as a competitor, he now lives in New Jersey and teaches at his school, Cheung’s Martial Arts Academy, and other locations. Master Cheung is a national judge certified by the USAWKF.

Master Cheung Man Chu

Hong Kong, China 中国香港

Master Cheung is an wushu 8th duan and A level IWUF international wushu coach and judge. Daughter of famous Grandmaster Kei Cheong-Sau, she was a Hong Kong wushu team member and later leader on many occasions and champion at many international wushu competitions. Master Cheung is member of the Executive Committee and Honorary President of the Hong Kong Wushu Federation, Honorary President of the Chinese National Martial Arts Association, and Dean of the Chinese Wushu Overseas Training Academy in Hong Kong, which she opened in 1995 with her brother, world wushu champion Master Cheung Man Keung.

Master Chung Yung Chi

California, USA 美国加州

Watch Master Chung performing wushu.

Master Chung is the chief instructor of the Shaolin Culture Center, headquartered in San Mateo, California. A 31st generation disciple of the Shaolin Temple, he is a master of Shaolin kung fu and chi kung. In addition to his many success in competitions around the world, Master Chung has won many awards and honors over the past several decades, including “Asian American Outstanding Service and Contribution Award” from the Asian American Federation. He is also the former head martial arts coach at the ROC (Taiwan) Education Department.

Master Chung is best known for his fun and exciting “Chopsticks Piercing Wooden Board” performances.

Master Gao Xi’an

New York, USA 美国纽约

Watch Master Xi’an performing wushu.

A guest professor at the Xi’an Sports Institute, Master Gao is principal of Gao’s Kung Fu Academy in New York City. He is a sixth generation lineage holder in Ma style tongbeiquan, and a national champion and international gold medal winner in this style. Master Gao is also an accomplished actor, choreographer, and trainer, having appeared in films such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.

Master Jennifer Gu

Canada 加拿大

Watch Master Gu performing wushu.

Master Gu, vice president of the Canadian Wushu Federation, graduated with a major in wushu from Guangzhou Sport University. She is an internationally certified wushu and tai chi judge, having judged at the World Wushu Championships and World Taiji Championships on multiple occasions. She has also trained many outstanding athletes as team leader and team coach for the Canadian national wushu and taiji teams. She is one of the founders of Ji Hong Wushu & Tai Chi College in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

Master Guan Zhirui

New York, USA 美国纽约

Watch Master Guan performing wushu.

Certified as a national Chinese coach and judge, Master Guan began learning traditional wushu at the age of 7, later going on to learn Liu He Ba Fa, Chen style tai chi, and other styles from famous masters such as Grandmaster Xia Bohua, Grandmaster Zhang Guangde, and Grandmaster Xue Jujin, as well as train at the Beijing Sports University. He won many gold medals in competition every year.

Master “Jack” Guo Cunjie

Connecticut, USA 美国康州

At the age of eight, Master Guo began training at the esteemed Henan Changyuan School of Martial Arts in Henan, China. He went on to become a national champion as a member of the Henan provincial wushu team. After coming to the U.S. as a performer for Disney World Company, he opened his school in southern Connecticut, the Wu Dang Kungfu Academy, in 2008.

Master Hao Qinling

Zhengzhou, China 中国郑州

Master Hao began learning wushu as a child, and later became a 12th generation lineage holder of Wudang Zhaobao Taijiquan and 15th generation lineage holder of Zhang Sanfeng Taijiquan. In addition to his many honors and prestigious positions throughout China, he is also the Dean and head wushu coach of the World Laozi Research Institute, Vice Chairman of the World Chinese Culture and Arts Foundation, professor of wushu and tai chi at universities in China, and more.

Master Hong Yijiao

Seattle, USA 美国西雅图

Watch Master Hong performing wushu.

Master Hong, in-chamber disciple of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei, is a 12th generation inheritor of Chen style tai chi. She was a member of the U.S. team at the 5th World Wushu Championships in 1999.

In 1996 Master Hong opened her school, the Chinese Wushu & Taichi Academy. Master Hong was certified by the IWUF as an A level taolu judge in 2004. She has served as a judge for U.S. and Canada national taolu team trials events and as Head Judge at several international tai chi competitions.

Master Li Qiang


Master Li began training in wushu at the age of six. She was a member of the Beijing wushu team under the legendary Mr. Wu Bin, winning several gold medals in national competition before moving to the U.S. She was certified by the IWUF as an international judge in 2018. Master Li is now a chief instructor at Beidou Kungfu School.

Master Lynn Lin

New York, USA 美国纽约

Watch Master Lin performing wushu.

Master Lin began training in Wushu at the age of seven. After graduating from the Fujian College of Physical Education in 1992, she worked at the Fujian College of Traditional Chinese Medicine as Director of the Traditional Health Maintenance Teaching & Research, being awarded the title of China’s best college trainer three times, and as head coach of the college wushu team. She is an IWUF-certified taolu judge. She now teaches at Sitan Tai Chi & Martial Arts with her husband, Master Chen Sitan.


Australia 澳大利亚

Master Liu, Senior Research Scientist the University of Queensland and Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, has been practicing Chinese martial arts and qigong for more than thirty years. He is an internationally recognized expert in mind-body movement therapy employing Tai Chi and Qigong. Among his many professional titles and accomplishments, he is a 1st class national judge certified by the Chinese Wushu Association.

MASTER Alexander liu

New York, USA 美国纽约

Watch Master Liu performing wushu.

Master Liu from Shandong, China, is accomplished in traditional Chinese martial arts and qigong, including styles such as Cha Quan and Yang style tai chi. Since coming to the U.S., he has judged at many national and international tournaments over the past 30 years. He currently teaches tai chi and qigong courses at the New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Master Lü Lewu

Shantou, China 中国汕头

Watch Master Lu performing wushu.

7th duan wushu practitioner, top level national coach, and President of the Shantou Taijiquan Association Master Lü began learning wushu as a child with his father. He is proficient in traditional northern and southern styles, taijiquan, liangyiquan, etc. He has won gold medals in regional and national tournaments in taijiquan and other styles. Master Lü founded and is the head coach at the Xingwu Wushu Training Center.

Master Men Ganhong

South Korea 韩国

Watch Master Men performing wushu.

Master Men is the dean of the Men Guifeng Wushu Academy and visiting professor at the University of East-West Medicine. The daughter of famous wushu masters Professors Men Huifeng and Kan Guixiang, she is a graduate of Beijing Sport University, an internationally certified judge, and has served as a referee in international wushu competitions on many occasions. She is the leading practitioner of Dongye Taijiquan. Master Men has also organized over a dozen international tai chi wushu exchange conferences.

Master Anthony Roberts

Connecticut, USA 美国康州

Master Roberts has been training in traditional and contemporary wushu for over twenty years. He is a USAWKF-certified national instructor and judge (2005) and IWUF-certified A level international sanda judge (2006, 2010). He was the U.S. sanda judge at the 9th World Wushu Championships (2007) and 4th World Junior Wushu Championships, and was the chief referee at the U.S. sanda team trials in 2016. Master Roberts currently teaches at Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu.

Master Wang Rengang

New York, USA 美国纽约

Watch Master Wang performing wushu.

Master Wang is a master of northern praying mantis and the unique style Dachengquan. He is the founder of the International Dachengdao Kungfu Association. Master Wang has won numerous gold medals in national and worldwide competitions and has served as a judge at tournaments throughout the country. He currently teaches in New York City.

Master Wang Wenguang

Chicago, USA 美国芝加哥

Originally from Qingdao, China, Master Wang is a 31st generation disciple of the Shaolin temple and has mastered many other styles, including Tai Chi push hands and Liuhe Bafa. His students have won many medals in push hands competition. Master Wang is a Chinese nationally certified judge and USAWKF-certified national instructor and judge.

Master Zhang Haiyang

Huangshan, China 中国黄山

Watch Master Zhang performing wushu.

Master Zhang is a graduate of the prestigious Beijing Shichahai Sports School of Beijing and has won all-around championships in wushu, taekwondo, and karate competition, including three gold medals at the 5th World Traditional Wushu Championships. He is a USAWKF-certified coach and judge. Master Zhang has been active in entertainment, TV, and film for over a decade, appearing in films as a stunt performer and martial arts choreographer, but also playing roles in films such as “Millionaire in the Basement” (地下室的百万富翁) and “Eight Generals” (八武将).

Master Zhang Liyong

California, USA 美国加州

Watch Master Zhang performing wushu.

A former wushu team member at the Shaolin Martial Arts Academy of Henan Chinese Kungfu team and Zhengzhou Opera Theater, and a national champion in China, Master Zhang also has a stellar record as a performer at tournaments, and has appeared in theater and films. He is also a USAWKF-certified national wushu instructor and judge. He is currently teaching traditional and contemporary wushu in San Jose, California.

Master Zhang Long

Xi’an, China 中国西安

Watch Master Zhang performing wushu.

Master Zhang has been both a member and coach of the Shaanxi provicinial wushu team and coach of the wushu team. He is a national champion in China and has competed across China, Hong Kong, and Indonesia. He has judged at competitions such as Global Tai Chi Network Competition in Yunnan. Master Zhang is especially known for his mastery of bajiquan and his development of fengmogun (疯魔棍), “crazy staff.” As an actor, he has appeared in both movies and TV series.

Master Zhang Yang


Watch Master Zhang performing wushu.

6th duan wushu Master Zhang, currently a Ph.D Student in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Maryland, is a former member of the Henan wushu team. She won many national and international gold medals and receive the title of National Elite Athlete (the highest athletic level in China) in 2005. She is an instructor at the Taichi Kung-Fu Academy.

Master Zhang Yuan

New York, USA 美国纽约

Watch Master Zhang performing wushu.

Master Zhang, a recipient of Outstanding Citizen Award by a New York Senator, is the principal of Zhang Yuan Chinese Martial Arts School in New York. He has received accolades from the city and state of New York, and by the New York Police Department, for his contributions to the public. In addition, Master Zhang has worked in over a dozen kung fu movies in China in starring roles or as a martial arts choreographer.

Master Zheng Zhihao

Guangzhou, China 中国广州

Watch Master Zheng performing wushu.

Master Zheng had a distinguished competitive career in the 1970s and 1980s, particularly winning championships in Nanquan (Southern Boxing) events, and promoted wushu abroad in Germany, Australia, southeast Asia, and elsewhere. Since retiring from competition, he has moved to Hong Kong and become involved in film and performance arts as President of Guangdong Arts, Film and Culture LLC.

Davidson Wan
Judge 裁判员

Organizing Committee 组织委员会

Barbara Chan

Cynthia Hoag

George Hoag

James Kramer

Joseph Suarez

Stephanie Sum


Chor Yong Hui 许楚勇

Anthony Roberts