2020 Competition Updates

Visit this page for updates on how far we have come along in judging events, shipping medals, and more. We will update this page whenever we have news for you.

Tournament Results

A BIG Turnout

We expected 100-150 competitors, but we have finished with a little more than 400, averaging about two events per competitor. This means we have 750 videos to go through, organize, edit, upload, and pass on to judges for scoring.

We are confirming receipt of videos as we get them, so if you have sent us your videos but haven’t heard back from us, please get in touch! Email at info@newenglandchampionships.com or call us at 860-646-6818.

Friday, February 12

Happy Chinese New Year!

We have begun publishing videos of competitions. Go here for more information.

Wednesday, January 27

We hope you are all doing well!

We have now shipped most medals and Certificates of Participation. Aside from a few that we are waiting to ship this week, there are less than twenty athletes from whom he haven’t heard regarding medal shipping.

If you won more than one medal and haven’t received them yet, please make sure to complete the Medals Order Form if necessary.

If you won only one medal but haven’t received it or your Certificate of Participation yet, please contact us at info@newenglandchampionships.com.


A few of you might have missed this email from last week, so here’s a reminder about medal shipping.

Thanks once again to everyone for your patience as we prepare and ship medals and certificates. The COVID-19 situation here in New England is severe, so we have been quite short on manpower, especially since the new year.

As of today we have shipped almost all of the medals going directly to schools to be distributed from there. Over the next couple days we will begin shipping medals to individuals. As stated on our website, the first medal is free. Within the U.S., the fee is $10 for 2-3 medals and $15 for 4-5 medals. For shipping outside of the U.S., we will contact you directly.

Domestic (U.S.) medals order form

We will ship medals as soon as possible after receiving payment.

We are also in the process of sending out Certifications of Participation.

Friday, January 8

We apologize for the lack of updates this week. We started shipping medals on Monday and have been preparing and shipping them all week. When it’s time to ship your medals and certificates of participation, we will contact you (as you know, there might be additional fees for more than one medal).

Friday, January 1

We have now published all championships results as of yesterday, the last day of 2020.

As you know, our Organizing Committee has been hard at work preparing medals for shipment, up to and including New Year’s Eve; they will be back Saturday, January 2, to continue their work.

Once medals are ready, we will do a final check to ensure that all the results are properly accounted for, audited, and match with the medals we have assigned, then begin shipping medals and certificates. Thank you for your patience!

Thursday, December 31

All tournament results have now been published. Check them out!

Some members of our Organizing Committee on New Year’s Eve, working hard to get medals ready for shipment.

Wednesday, December 30

The results for most age groups and group events are now available. The 40-59 age group results will be published on Thursday, December 31, followed by the 18-39 group the same day or January 2.

As we got closer to the holidays and people began taking time off to be with their families, it became clear that we would unable to keep our promise to ship medals and certificates before the end of the year. We are preparing medals now, but it looks like the first shipments won’t go out until next week. Please accept our apologies, and thank you for your understanding!

Tuesday, December 22

Scores can now be found on the Results page. The 8-10 age group will be available later today.

A message from Tournament Director Malee Khow:

各位运动员们:组委会邀请下列来自世界各地的国际级国家级的世界武术冠军等精英裁判员为我们的运动员公平公正经过两个星期的网上评判工作(12/8-21)終於结束了!组委会将审查评分成绩单后会尽快在网上公布的。敬请关注网站上:update :每天的信息。


负责视频编辑制作人:Anthony Roberts.

负责视频发送人:Malee Khow (许玛丽)

仲裁主任:钱源泽 。

技术监督主任: 温佐惠、朱瑞琪。


记分员:陈令仪(Barbara Chan)

裁判员:陈恵敏、张旸、Justin B.
记分员:陈令仪(Barbara Chan)

记分员:陈令仪(Barbara Chan)

记分员:岑詠愉(Stephanie Sum)

裁判员:洪一姣、Davidson Wan(万德祥)。
记分员:岑詠愉(Stephanie Sum)


Dear athletes: At the invitation of the Organizing Committee, the following national and international world wushu champions and other elite judges from all over the world, who provided fair and just online judging work (12/8-21), have finally concluded their work!

The Organizing Committee will review the scores and publish them all online as soon as possible. Please continue to check our Update page for news. Medals will be mailed to athletes soon.

Video editing and production: Anthony Roberts

Video distribution: Malee Khow

Director of Arbitration: Qian Yuanze.

Director of Technical Supervision: Wen Zuohui, Zhu Ruiqi.

Chief Referee: Bai Wenxiang.

Group A:

Head Judges: Chen Sitan, Jennifer Gu.
Judges: Liu Xin, Lu Lewu, Liu Zhongzheng.
Scorekeeper: Barbara Chan (陈令仪)

Group B:

Head Judges: Gao Jiamin, Zhang Liyong.
Judges: Chen Yunmin, Zhang Yang, Justin Benedik.
Scorekeeper: Barbara Chan (陈令仪)

Group C:

Head Judges: Zhang Yuan, Cheung Kam Pang.
Judges: Wang Rengang, Guan Zhirui, Wang Wenguang.
Scorekeeper: Barbara Chan (陈令仪)

Group D:

Head Judges: Jiang Bangjun, Zhang Long.
Judges: Li Qiang, Zhang Haiyang, Chen Xiaoyi.
Scorekeeper: Stephanie Sum (岑詠愉)

Group E:

Assistant Chief Referee: Men Ganhong
Head Judges: Lin Xu, Guo Cunjie.
Judges: Hong Yijiao, Davidson Wan (万德祥).
Scorekeeper: Stephanie Sum (岑詠愉)

The organizing committee sends its regards to all the teachers who have contributed to this international wushu online event, and expresses its heartfelt thanks to all the teachers, athletes, and family members who participated in this online tournament.

Happy Holidays! We wish everyone the best in the coming year!

Saturday, December 19

Today the judges have now moved on to the 40-59 age group, with 71 competitors.

Age 7 & under scores

Our goal is to post results as soon as possible, but we will have them fully translated to English before long.


We had a big snowstorm these past two days here in New England, but we’re soldiering on!

With the 14-17 age group complete, the judges started scoring 55 competitors in the 60+ age category today.

We will start posting scores this weekend.

Monday, December 14

Today the judges move on to age group 14-17, with 52 competitors, and group events.

We will begin posting scores on our website and mailing out our first medals in a few days. Fingers crossed for delivery before the holidays!

Friday, December 11

Judges scoring for the youngest two age groups is almost complete, and some judges groups have started on the next age group, 11-13, with 66 competitors.

With everyone on the Organizing Committee working to prepare videos, communicate with judges groups, and process scores, we haven’t had time to start shipping medals yet. Thanks for your patience!

Tuesday, December 8

Judges scoring begins today! First up are the two youngest age groups: (1) 7 years and under and (2) 8-10 years old.

Up next: 11-13 years old, with 66 competitors performing 164 forms. We anticipate having these videos ready for scoring by Friday, December 11.

Updated competitors list as of this morning.

The judging process: Only judges have access to the competition videos, which are organized by event. Competitors are identified only by competitor number (we have done our best to exclude specific school or competitor information from video submissions). Scorekeepers receive the scores associated with each competitor number and event, tally them, and pass them on to Head Judges, who finalize and certify the results.


Please take a look at our complete list of registered competitors (PDF file) as of earlier today (see December 8 update). If you don’t see your name, don’t panic! Send us an email over at info@newenglandchampionships.com with the competitor’s name along with the email address you used when registering.

We have started editing videos today and will begin forwarding them to our judges for scoring beginning on Tuesday, 12/8, starting with the youngest age groups: 7 years old and under (with 20 competitors) and 8-10 years old (with 67 competitors). Our priority is to get videos to the judges and mail out medals as we go, with some exceptions, so that our younger athletes can receive them in time for the holidays; there will therefore be a bit of a delay in posting scores online.

We have received hundreds of videos and will begin editing them for the judges starting today. If you haven’t emailed us your competition videos yet, please do so now!

Tuesday, December 1

The registration deadline has passed. We are processing entries and downloading videos as we receive them.

Please get your videos to us by December 5th!

We still hope to complete all event scoring by December 20, but we are prioritizing younger age groups, starting with the 7 and under age group.

Our judges will begin judging events on December 8th. We will ship medals as we finish each age category.