Participating Schools 参赛学校

In 2020, 59 schools from half a dozen countries participated in the Online 10th New England International Chinese Martial Arts Championships. Even when we are apart, we still find community and friendship with wushu!

If we missed your school, or if you would like to provide a new or updated information, please let us know!

Schools are listed in alphabetical order. 学校按首字母排列。

List of All Participating Schools

Advance Martial Arts (精武堂) (Rowland Heights, California)

Athletic Balance (Acton, Massachusetts)

包头市稀土高新区太极拳协会 (Baotou, China)

Bei Dou Kung Fu Academy (北斗功夫) (Chicago, Illinois)

Champion Wushu & Arts Center (冠軍武術藝術中心) (Dublin, California)

吉林省武术协会八卦掌分会 (Changchun, China)

潮州市弘武堂 (Chaozhou, China)

潮州市武术协会 (Chaozhou, China)

China New Taiji Research Society 中华新太极研究会 (New York)

Chinese C.Z Kung Fu Institute (Los Angeles, California)

Chinese Gong Fu Institute (Chicago, Illinois)

Chinese Wushu (Overseas) Wushu Training Institute 中國武術海外訓練學院 (Hong Kong, China)

Colombian Wushu Kungfu Federation

Dynamic Kung Fu Academy (Santa Clara, California)

East Cloud Kungfu (Raleigh, North Carolina)

Ellicott Tai Chi Health Club (Ellicott City, Maryland)

Golden Tiger Kung Fu Academy (Grand Rapids, Michigan)

Great Wall Kung Fu Center (Cleveland, Ohio)

Greenwich Kempo (Greenwich, Connecticut)

Houston Shaolin Kung Fu Academy (Houston, Texas)

Indonesia Dongyuequan Club (Tangerang, Indonesia)

Integrity Kung Fu Academy (Missouri City, Texas)

Ji Hong Wu Shu & Tai Chi College (Edmonton, Canada)

九江六合八法拳分会 (Jiujiang, China)

The Kung Fu Legend (Honolulu, Hawaii)

Leung Shum’s Ying Jow Pai (Portland, Oregon)

Li Fai Centre of Tai Chi 李暉武術文化中心 (Hong Kong, China)

鲁迅公园陈式太极拳协会辅导站 (Shanghai, China)

Malee’s School of Tai Chi & Kung Fu (Manchester, Connecticut)

Montreal Yang Chen Fu Tai Chi Center (Montreal, Canada)

New England Championship Wushu Academy (Burlington, Massachusetts)

New Jersey Shaolin Kung Fu and Tai Chi (Bridgwater, New Jersey)

Omei Academy (Cupertino, California)

Oregon Hope Chinese School Wushu (Portland, Oregon)

Pai Lum Northeast Dragons (Massachusetts and New Hampshire)

Professional Martial Arts Academy (Sterling, Virginia)

Rong’s Kung Fu Academy (Fairfax, Virginia)

Rou Long Ma School of Chinese Martial Arts (North Carolina)

Ruibin’s Kung Fu Culture Center (New York)

上海市六合八法拳分会 (Shanghai, China)

汕头市太极拳协会 (Shantou, China)

汕头市讲武堂 (Shantou, China)

Shaolin Temple USA (San Francisco, California)

Sitan Tai Chi & Martial Arts (Syosset, New York)

Taichi Kung-fu Academy (Gaithersburg, Maryland)

Thunder Kung Fu Academy (Dublin, California)

U.S. Wushu Center (Portland, Oregon)

Win-Win Kung Fu Culture Center (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Wushu Kung Fu Fitness Center (East Hanover, New Jersey)

Wu Dang Kung Fu Academy (Orange, Connecticut)

Wu Dao Kung Fu and Tai Chi (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

兴武武术培训中心 (Shantou, China)

吴翼翬六合八法拳國際聯盟總會 (Huainan, China)

Yang’s Martial Arts (Andover, Massachusetts)

Zhang Yuan Kung Fu (Brooklyn, New York)

Zhang Kung Fu Institute (San Francisco, California)

Zhao Changjun Wushu Academy (Moorestown, New Jersey)

中国安微亳州市形意拳协会 (Bozhou, China)

中国西安精武八卦培训中心 (Xi’an, China)